Liberia Travel and Life Magazine
Baker Pearson Communications Inc Team:
Hesta Baker Pearson
Group Publisher
Editor In Chief, Liberia Travel and Life

Originally from Liberia, Ms. Pearson returned to her home land after 26 years of living in the US. With a successful publishing career backing her, this mother of two continues to follow her dream by doing what she loves to do and helping change the world's perception of Africa.
Fortune Pearson
Accounting Manager

Mr. Pearson has a BA in accounting and over 10 years of work experience in this field. Prior to PBC, he worked as the Regional Vice President for Assure Lending Mortgage in Atlanta, as well as for two of the top media houses in Atlanta, Western Media and J. Walter Thompson, as an accountant. Mr. Pearson, also a Liberian native, has teamed up with his wife in their return to Liberia to establish and grow a communication company unlike anything Liberia has seen.
Seanan Denizot
Editor In Chief, Business Liberia Magazine
Marketing Director

Ms. Denizot, originally from Vermont, has been in Liberia since 2008. With a background in marketing and sales, the opportunity to work on these two amazing projects is beyond words for her to describe it.
Vanessa Turner Burke
Editor at Large, Liberia Travel and Life

Vanessa Burke cherishes her God-given gift of writing and editing and has shared it for nearly 15 years in articles featuring major personalities, travel destinations, historical events, missionary activities and humanitarian issues. She had the privilege of serving as Editor in Chief of Style magazine (US), one of the first magazines published by Baker Pearson Communications, and she is pleased to work with them once again.
Debra Bernard
Creative Director

With over six years of experience in the design industry, she brings to life ideas and concepts through print and interactive design. All final products are the results of planning and analyzing to create visual solutions.
Irene Harmon
Staff Accountant

Ms. Harmon graduated from the African Methodist Episcopal Zion University. She has been working with BPC, Inc. since July of 2007. Harmon really enjoys the broad aspects of accounting and the continued learning through different business aspects. With BPC she has gained a deeper understanding of professional and print media.
Melissa Rousseuo
Copy Editor, Business Liberia Magazine

Ms. Rousseuo is from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She has a bachelors in translation and an ESL degree from Concordia University in Montreal. Recently she lived in Guadalajara, Mexico for a year where she taught French and English at a Cambridge certified high school.
Aissa Bright
Editorial Consultant, Liberia Travel and Life
Copy Editor, Business Liberia
Contributing writer for both magazines

Aissa Bright recently returned to Liberia from the US and has been working to help develop the tourism industry in this budding country through work with the Ministry of Information Culture and Tourism and her help with Liberia Travel and Life.
Julius Horton
Advertising Sales

Mr. Horton has been working in print media and advertisement for the past four years. He has worked with advertisement in the Executive Planner of the President of Liberia and other programs. Horton says he enjoys working with BPC, especially when it comes to dealing with the variety of customers. His favorite part of his work is finding the best solution for both the company and the client.
Miatta Kamara
Advertising Sales

Ms. Kamara has studied in management, accounting and sociology. She enjoys singing, dancing, reading and good food. In her work she holds honesty and dedication to the highest degree and always puts God first in all she does.
Abraham Sheriff
Advertising Sales

Mr. Sheriff has a BA in communications and works as a broadcast journalist when he is not working for BPC. He has been with BPC since 2007 as a sales agent and staff writer.
Jerry Mulbah
Staff Photographer

Mr. Mulbah began his photography carrer in 1998, while he attended grade school. With 10 years experience under his belt, he has been working for BPC for 3 years. “From the day I joined BPC, I have learned a lot, and I am still learning. It is my dream that BPC will grow to the highest point, not only limited to Liberia but West Africa, Africa and the world at large.”
Dominic A. Johnnie
Circulation Management

Dominic Johnie is currently studying at the University of of Liberia in management and economics. As an understudy for circulation management within Liberia for BPC Inc, Dominic works with dedication towards helping BPC grow to its fullest potential and looks forward to growing with the company.
Benetta Pearson
VP Sales and Marketing (US)
For Liberia Travel and Life Magazine:
For Business Liberia Magazine:

Benetta Pearson, VP Sales and Marketing for Liberia Travel and Life and Business Liberia in the US, has over 20 years in the Media and Publishing fields.
Junda Morris Kennedy
US Ad Sales